UK manufacturer of high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers
UK manufacturer of high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers

Dacron® Comforel® Eco 

Featuring one of the best synthetic fills available, our Dacron® Comforel® fibrefill duvets imitate the soft, cosy, indulgent feel of natural goose down but with the benefit of being non-allergenic and can be washed frequently without the filling losing any of its performance. 

Produced using recycled plastic bottles from across Europe and reprocessed into polyester fibres, Dacron® Comforel® is an innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes which uses less CO2, land and water. 

Hugely popular with the hospitality sector as well as domestic customers, these high quality duvets match the insulation of a down duvet with the added benefit of being long-lasting, even withstanding repeat washes.


The Fossflakes® filling was inspired by the ability of down and feather to trap air and the natural warm sleeping environment this creates.

Additionally, the desire for an easy to maintain and hypoallergenic filling saw Fossflakes® being developed as a high performing filling that is longer lasting than similar synthetic products. 

Fossflakes is composed of 100% extended polyethylene polymers, a suitable filling material for allergy and asthma sufferers. Because of its unique ability to trap air between the flakes, the Fossflakes® filling material will never flatten or lose its resilience - even after frequent use or washing - and will retain their loft with just the occasional shake and fluffing.

Climarelle® Cool

Throughout each night, we all experience rises and falls in our body temperature – some studies suggesting this happens in cycles of every 19 minutes. Whilst the majority of us are able to regulate our own temperature, many people cannot due to menopausal issues or health conditions, certain cancer treatments, over- or under-active thyroid etc.   

dùsal manufacture a range of bespoke bedding protection and cooling products utilising thermo regulating Climarelle® Cool, a ‘phase change’ material developed by ADVANSA.   

The Climarelle® Cool fabric features micro-capsules which actively release a cooling effect as needed, drawing excess heat away from the body in small modules contained within the material. And when you’ve cooled down, Climarelle® Cool can release the heat to keep you at a more even temperature throughout your sleep.

Aerelle® Cool Night

Scientific sleep studies show that heat can particularly build up around the head and neck. Equipped with an innovative ‘Cool-Flow Crimp Technology’, Aerelle® Cool Night fibres ensure effective heat dissipation throughout the night.   

Even on the warmest of nights, bedding products incorporating Aerelle® Cool Night materials ensure that any excessive heat is taken away from the body for a fresh, comfortable and restful sleep environment is maintained.

Made in Germany by ADVANSA, Aerelle® Cool Night is a high-tech cooling fibre with embedded semi-conductor minerals. 

All Aerelle® Cool Night specialist bedding products manufactured by dùsal feature a brand label with a unique traceability number certifying that the item has been manufactured under license and meets ADVANSA's strict quality guidelines.