UK manufacturer of high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers
UK manufacturer of high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers

UK Made Duvets and Pillows for New E-commerce Businesses

dùsal have helped a number of fledgling online businesses get established, helping them through the early tentative steps of trading, to become sizeable online bedding brands. Our partnership approach ensures you can offer bedding solutions which set you apart from the competition.

Starting your own e-commerce business can be both exciting and challenging, with opportunities for fast growth and profit to be made, especially when this can be achieved without having to make financial commitments to ‘bricks and mortar’ retail premises.

Once you’ve decided on the products you’d like to sell – and, as you’re reading this, we assume that you’ve identified bedding, duvets and pillows as possibilities – the next steps are obviously to create a brand name and logo along with the main investment for your business, the website itself. 

With well-established and relatively easy to use options available such as WordPress and Shopify, creating your e-commerce website is no longer the undertaking it once was; even if this means commissioning a web designer or agency to help, you can have your website ready and be selling products in a very short timescale and certainly far cheaper than committing to a high street retail unit.

The benefits of choosing dùsal products:

 Our pillows, duvets and mattress toppers are all made by dùsal in the UK
Hassle-free drop shipping service
Everything is made-to-order, with efficient lead-times
Competitive trade-only prices allow for excellent profit margins
Established range of synthetic and natural fill products
Pure 100% cotton casings with options of thread count
Bespoke sizes and fills available
A partner for your business with access to years of experience and knowledge
Dependable and reliable supply-chain
Professional product photography, point of sale and marketing materials available

How we can help you

Whatever your approach, it is possible to establish and operate a successful online business without the need for lengthy product development and prototyping, or your own manufacturing capability, expensive warehousing, holding large amounts of stock, the associated logistics and employing staff. 

dùsal have helped a number of fledgling online businesses get established, helping them through the early tentative steps of trading, to become sizeable online bedding brands. They have all benefitted from including our hotel quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers on their websites. And when we say “hotel quality”, that’s because so many of our bedding products can be found in leading hotels and boutique guest houses across the UK and further afield.

Along with the quality of dùsal products, they also appreciate the inclusion of innovative materials like Dacron® Comforel® ECO made from recycled plastic bottles and used to create the down-like fillings of our eco duvets and pillows, as well as the high standards we maintain when sourcing duck and goose down and feathers for our natural fill bedding. 

Made to order in Scotland

Whether it’s a large order of multiple quantities or just a single unit, every duvet, pillow, and mattress topper that dùsal produce is made to order here in Fife, Scotland, with the same care and attention to detail. This means that if you just need to place one order at a time, that’s perfectly fine by us. 

Our white-label service means that your customers are simply buying your brand of duvets and pillows and their origin can be completely anonymous. Should you wish, you can always leverage the quality attributes of being British made or by hand in Scotland, but that’s for you to decide.

We’ll make the items with the care and attention to detail as you’d expect, double-checking the quality before packaging and dispatching to your customer by a national courier service. If you wish, we can also include any of your own literature or labels, or ship in your own packaging to help you build your brand. 

Our support for new businesses like yours extends further as we can also help support your marketing with high-quality product photography and information for you to use on your website and promotional materials. 

Get in touch

If you’re in the early days of your e-commerce business, please get in touch with us for an informal discussion to find out more about dùsal, our range of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers and services we offer to help your new online venture get established and grow.

Whether it is stocking a range of existing products or developing new ranges of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers which are exclusive to your brand, dùsal’s partnership approach is one which can offer bedding solutions which can set you apart from the competition.

To help you decide on your range, we’re always happy to advise on the right bedding products for your brand and your customers to help get you up and running and to further develop your range once you’re better established.

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