UK manufacturer of high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers
UK manufacturer of high quality duvets, pillows and mattress toppers

what are mattress toppers? 

Quite simply, a mattress topper is a luxurious natural or synthetic filled additional comfort layer that is added to a mattress to increase the longevity and also increase the level of comfort of the mattress itself. As the name states, a topper sits on top of your mattress and underneath your protector and fitted sheet, usually fixing on to your mattress with elastic corner straps.   

A topper will help protect your mattress from body perspiration and indents which wear and age your mattress. Instead of having to change your mattress, you can simply remove or replace your topper when you no longer want to use it and your mattress underneath will still be in perfect condition.  

There are many reasons why people opt for a topper on their mattress, including: 

  • Gives you an extra layer of comfort - Softness or Firmness 
  • Can make an uncomfortable or lumpy mattress more comfortable.
  • Extends significantly the life of your mattress and improves cleanliness
  • Can soften a hard mattress significantly 
  • Can easily be added and removed from your mattress to suit your needs 
  • Helps reduce or eliminate the temperature issues caused by Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Aids in regulating temperature through the night to deliver a better sleep environment   

When it comes to finding the perfect topper for your bed, you need to think about the size and filling which you will find most comfortable. As you might expect, our standard sizes include single, double, king size, super king and emperor, as well as being able to manufacture bespoke sized mattress toppers to your own specification. 

Please be aware that when our luxury toppers are first filled, the 'fullness' of the fill will pull in the product dimensions slightly, but this will level out after a few nights of use.   

The fillings we use for our mattress toppers are of the same quality as featured in our pillows and duvets: 

Dacron® Comforel® offers the comfort of feather and down in a man-made non-allergenic alternative. The siliconized ball fibres deliver tremendous recovery and re-loft performance while maintaining a luxury sleep environment and allowing air to move freely.   

Duck Feather and Down is a quality filling popular with many leading hotels and provides a mattress topper that you can really sink into along with providing additional warmth with a pure cotton fabric provides a naturally breathable cover. Feather and down toppers provide a supportive but soft sleep environment and help regulate temperature through the night.   

The Duck Down Combination is for you if you’re looking for the most indulgent comfort from a truly luxurious topper. It boasts the combination of a top layer of soft down clusters sitting on top a base layer of luxury feather and down. This ultimate in sleep luxury is used by the top 4- and 5-star hotels worldwide.   

Mattress toppers can be cleaned but we would also highly recommend the use of a Topper Protector to ensure you minimise the risk of damage. Spot cleaning only using warm soapy water and drying thoroughly is suggested. Our toppers are high quality filled products and not suitable for laundering in domestic washing machines due to the physical size and weight of the items.   

The most common depth of a mattress topper on the market is typically 2cm to 5cm; in some circumstances, they can also be as thin as 1cm. However, we’re proud to say that dùsal toppers are a chunky 7cm in depth. Don’t confuse a topper with a mattress pad or a protector as these are different products with different purposes.   

All of our natural and synthetic filled mattress toppers are non-allergenic and suitable for use by those who suffer with allergies. Our branded synthetics and cases are Oeko-tex® certified, odourless and non-allergenic.  Our natural fills are also Oeko-Tex® certified products and are also NOMITE® and Downafresh® certified ensuring these are also suitable for for use by those who suffer with allergies.

If you'd like to find out more about any of the mattress toppers available from dùsal then please do get in touch and our highly knowledgable and experienced team can help advise on the right mattress toppers for your business and customers.